the dream

Dreams are what you make of them, and my dreams always been "out of reach". I say it like that because i have never pushed myself to get what i really want. 

Now though, something inside of me has changed for the better. My drive has increased and i am determined to reach the finish line.

The dream is simple, become a chef.

How do i plan on getting there? well that is a longer road. but its one that i plan i taking, and i plan on enjoying every second of it.

To start, i will get the level 2 in professional cookery that i am currently studying for. Once that done i will push on and complete the level 3.

What will i do to support this? Well the next chapter in the story of The Broke Boy is to start doing some supper clubs. Starting small, practicing my new skills on friends and family.

Along the way i plan on asking restaurants in the region if they can provide me with some work experience, the thing i lack is the understanding of high pressure service and the only way to learn that is by throwing myself into it. 


the boy

The Broke Boy was started back in 2013 as a way of recording the life and times after graduation.
My name is Alex, i'm 29 years old and I live in North Somerset in the UK. 

Training as a Graphic designer at the university of Portsmouth had its ups and downs. The ups being the amazing friendships and adventures had, the downs being the time wasted and the creativity lost.

The Broke boy began slowly, as a means to start changes in my life that would help me grow into the person i wanted to be. 

As it began to grow, my dream became clear. It was apparent to me that my true passion was in the kitchen and i quickly rekindled my love of baking.

Since then the blog has taken me to new places, pushing me to return to college to retrain as a chef. 

Now after receiving over 32 thousand views, its time to take The Broke Boy to the next level.

The passion

My love for the kitchen started at a young age. I was never a child who was picky when it came to food, put it in front of me and i would try it.

My Grandma always encouraged me to follow my passion, and I give her full credit for the path i am taking now. I have such strong memories of her in the kitchen, the stews, the crumbles and the Christmas puddings, all the things that bring happiness to those around you.

My real passion in the kitchen is patisserie, and i think that really shows when i'm in the training kitchen. Everything from pastry to cake, the joy i take from watching someones face as they take a bite of something i have put so much love into is the best feeling.