pre birthday lunch

so today i went to the mall for lunch with my mum and auntie. the main reason for going was to do a bit of shopping as i needed to buy a smart outfit for my main birthday meal next friday. the plan was that my close friend emma and i were meant to be going to circus on covent garden as we are going for the weekend. more on that in abit...

so we travelled up the motorway to bristol and decided to start the day with some lunch at the marks and spencers deli.

now i know its not jaw droppingly amazing but hey, the foods good and you get a free glass of cava!

i went for the seafood deli platter. im not a massive fan of fish but prawns are one of my all time favourites. i also want to be more adventurous when it comes to fish as there are so many verities theres bound to be something ill like, no?
not to much food but it was filling! my mouth watered the entire time.

finished the meal with a pot of earl grey, lovely!

shopping didnt quite go to plan. i went into a few shops and saw a few things i liked but im not a smartly dressed person, if i could id live in my pjs or joggers.

im also the kind of person that panics and becomes really quiet in situations where belching isnt appropriate, so iv decided to cancel my reservation at circus and go for something more me...

i smell KFC...