birthday fun times part one

so today is my birthday! its been a really lovely day, in fact i will stretch to its been a really lovely weekend.

birthday celebrations started last night with emma. we decided against going out as we always have far to much fun and end up like death the following day and we both wanted to be awake for my birthday meal. so we opted to stay in and have a curry and wine night. we ordered from jaan via just eat. we both LOVE our food and we ordered far to much as usual but somehow they managed to get our order the good way....

instead of getting onion bhaji's we got a 3rd curry, a duplicate of one of the curries we had ordered. i polished off a bottle and emma managed just over a glass, i think she was trying to be classy but failed! haha.
after finishing a mountain of curry we watched nick and norah which is one of my all time favourite films.

so onto my actual birthday. we traveled over to my favourite pub, the saracens head. its a lovely pub right on the river. i love this pub not only for its location but also for the AMAZING food they serve, i was first introduced to the pub by my dad when he took me there for a steak. nothing has ever been as good as that steak.

after choosing from the menu emma allowed me to open my present. beneath the amazing tube map wrapping paper was a copy of cake days by the humming bird bakery. recently i have taken up baking as a hobby and people have actually been placing orders for birthday cakes. i even (with the help of emma) raised £56 selling cupcakes,cookies and slutty brownies for the local air ambulance.
unwrapping that book put a real smile on my face and it was a really thoughtful gift! thank you emma!

to start we went for the vegetarian antipasti, the baby onions were amazing!


emma, dad and i then went for the roast beef. there are no words to describe how good it was... 

mum decided to go for the lamb and i must say i do with i had gone for it, the fell to pieces on touch and looked amazing on the plate.

more pictures to come but for now, food coma!

+£135 birthday money
Total Saving