birthday fun times part two

after a lovely sleep and a really long lie in i have woken up feeling as fresh as a daisy and ready for the day..the only thing is there isn't much left of it! oh well on with part two.

after lunch we decided to go for a walk along the river, we really needed to do this as everyone was completely stuffed. managed to get a nice shot of mum and emma before we left, thumbs up girls!

the pub is located on the bank of a beautiful river. it has walking paths on both sides and you can get across by a rope boat? i have no idea what you call it. its basically a wooden boat that a guy pulls you across on by a rope. we decided against that this time as i feel we may have sunk the boat after that lunch.

heres my dad being a cool kid and photo bombing, thats usually emma's job on a night out.

part way down the river you come across some rapids, usually there are some kayaks attempting to get down them in one piece but i think the cold weather stopped them on this occasion.

emma decided she wanted to let her wild side out so she clambered onto a rock for a photo opportunity. forget bear grylls its all about bear emma now.

after our walk we decided to have a hot chocolate in the hotel next door to the pub. if you ever decide to give the pub a visit AVOID the hotel a few doors down, the staff were rude and the hot chocolate tasted like warm muddy water.

on the drive home dad thought it might be nice to talk a walk up to yat rock. the views are amazing from up there.

you know the rest of the days story really, i came home and fell into a food induced coma. 

love it!