bucket list part one...

a bucket list in my eyes is somewhere to write down all the things you want to do before you kick it but its not something i'm going to spend so much time working on that i forget to do them.

i wanted to start with the easier things, places in the UK that i want to visit.

below is a map with just a few of the places i really want to go..

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weston-super-mare is my home town so i will start with the things that are closest to me.

  1. glastonbury. now dont jump straight to the conclusion that i want to go to the festival as i really dont! i'm sure that i would love it but i really cant think of anything worse than rolling around in mud... id just like to visit the town and its little shops and oddities.
  2. stonehenge. this is something i think i have taken for granted over the years..it's a piece of history within driving distance.. i would also love to experience the summer solstice.
  3. cornwall. now i know what your thinking, i live in somerset and have never been to cornwall...i know...i know...its always been on my to do list i have just never got round to it.
we then go up to the top of the country and into scotland...

  1. edinburgh...now my dad always tells me i need to visit scotland as its in my blood...yet he has never taken me..i find this quite rude...i'd really like to go to the comedy festival one year as i have heard great things about it. maybe this year is the year?
  2. kinloch laggan. now this is a strange one..does anyone remember monarch of the glen? well it was recorded here and i seriously loved that program back in the day. what a beautiful place.