why does time fly so quickly...

...when you aren't particularly having fun!

this week has flown by even though i have mostly been working. i finished at 6 yesterday and my parents had decided we would have a chinese. usually when this happens i get order happy and get everything, but i was good.

i had a text just before ordering asking what i was doing and if i wanted to go to a friends house for some drinks, after having last weekend in bed due to feeling crap i thought bugger it! lets have some fun.

got to theirs around 8.30 and had some wine...ok...a lot of wine... had a little dance around in the kitchen and then we decided to make a night of it and go into town.

its amazing how good a spur of the moment night can be, i had an amazing time and it was really nice to hang out with people i hadn't seen for ages.

i got home at about 2.30am and went to bed dreading waking up but lucky for me, the chinese seemed to have soaked up most of the wine...score! hang over free!

the one thing i hate about getting up on a sunday after a night of drinking is TV...always programs on about amazing food which really makes me hungry. todays culprit was jamie oliver...dam you jamie!

he's had me looking at tasty food and recipes all day and i even found out that he has cook schools in notting hill and brighton...did not know this! you can find out more here.

think the next time i visit the flat in portsmouth i may have to take a train ride over and get my cook on!

i really fancy trying the mexican street food and the taste of japan classes...literally just dribbled over the keyboard looking at it.

anyway, i need my beauty sleep. its going to be a lonnnnnnng week. doing over time as its easter week and this means working 47 hours... next day off is a week today.... Argghhhhhhhh!

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