a friday off work....what is this!?

my working week usually consists of me working 5 days and having sunday and thursday off. however this week i worked the thursday...i have to admit...i felt like a zombie that had been microwaves...my brain did not compute..

i was excited for a friday off though as i always work friday and always come home feeling pooped.

last night i planned on spending my day off in bath doing some kitchen utensil shopping, these plans did not happen as i woke up full of cold again! luckily its not a sore throat and i dont feel unwell...its just like someone has turned a tap on up my nose and i cant shut it off!

instead mum asked if i would mind running her to the hair dressers and hang around to take her home again, as i had nothing else planned didn't mind.

her appointment was at 11am so i dropped her off just before hand.

as most of weston town center is now pay and display i decided to drive along the sea front. it was such a glorious day i couldn't help but pull over and take a snap of the lovely view of 
brean down.

after collecting her we decided to take a trip to bristol, cribbs causeway to be precise.
we started off with a spot of lunch at the M+S deli but sadly because i was starving i didn't get any pictures of the food as it didn't last long enough. never fear though, i enjoyed it so much i purchased all of the items to make it again for dinner...it was that good!

first off we visited john lewis, i wanted to pick up a few items to make a delicious lemon drizzle cake. got myself a citrus reamer and a zester.
after that we visited the apple shop and once again i had to hold myself back from getting a new toy. i already have an imac and an old mac book pro... i really don't need anything new but i would really like a new mac book pro...but no...no i shall not buy one...yet....

i also popped into hotel chocolat and got myself some dark chocolate covered coffee beans and some chocolate orange puddles..i feel a baking session coming on!

after this mum wanted to have a look around the clothing department in M+S..as usual she told me to go away...i think i cramp her shopping style...that and i moan a lot...

i decided to walk back down to the food hall and got myself a mango passion with double fruit from Boost.

so back to the food...

for lunch i had a prawn and avocado salad which was very nice indeed...but i went one stage further tonight!

i decided to add some crab meat to the mix and my gosh....it was gooooooood!

the only thing with salad is i always feel hungry again an hour or so later.

so as i type this blog i'm having a little snack of crackers and extra mature tickler cheddar...yummy!