a spanner in the works...

i started this blog back in february with an aim to help myself achieve my dreams and so far...it is working!

if you follow my blog more regularly you will notice the savings tracker that appears frequently at the bottom of a post (this tends to be around pay day). well i'm saving for a little trip to Australia.

a lot of my family live over there and i have been 4 times in the past, last when i was 18. it has always been a dream of mine to go and either explore by myself in the time frame of a holiday...or...to make the most of it and go for a year.

the savings you see on the blog on the savings i can actually get my hands on, the rest is hidden away somewhere where i cannot reach it.

the other day i worked out with my parents how much i actually had across all my savings and it turns out i am only £90 away from the savings required by the Australian government to go on a working holiday visa...naturally i'm excited!

then there was the spanner in the works..
my dad has always supported the things i want to do except for one thing.(or two depending on the view you take on this particular spanner..)

that one thing being the baking. dont get me wrong he always says how nice they are and stuff but he has not been very supportive of my idea to do it more professionally.

the day after we worked out my savings he was getting ready to leave for work and seemed a little deflated. turns out work is annoying him at the moment and we got into a discussion about retirement ages. he said how he felt sorry for the people that do manual labour as he couldn't imagine having to work until he was 70 doing that kind of job, let alone his own job.

i threw into the conversation that i didn't think i could do my job until i was 70 as i run around like a headless chicken all day and didn't fancy having hip replacements on a weekly basis..

he then stuck the spanner in..

"maybe it's time you start thinking about investing your savings into converting the second garage into a kitchen and starting your own business..."

i think i know his game...i think he thinks that it will maybe stop me going to Australia? 

so do i follow my dream of going traveling around the beautiful Australia? or do i follow my other dream of baking as a career? 


i have asked a few people i know what they think and they have all said that even though the kitchen idea is a great one, its something that can be done when i get back. Australia is best travelled when you have nothing to hold you back, no commitments...

any advice from you guys would be muchly appreciated as i am well and truly stuck!