i didn't have much planned for my day off before last night...
fran and i decided to go for breakfast this morning which was really nice, the laughs flowed and we did some light shopping.

i then came home expecting to be going out for a coffee with my mum and auntie...but no...we went for a full on italian which was also lush..pasta with a creaming sauce with mushrooms, chicken, garlic and a hint of chilli...

by this point my tummy was over joyed and at the point of bursting...

then came my evening plans with one of my nearest and dearest friends, ruth.
tomorrow is her birthday and i wanted to treat her to a night in with laughs, chinese and some light baking.
i collected her at just gone 3.30pm and we commenced with the baking..

i finally got round to baking these bad boys, Ferrero Rocher cupcakes! i have been wanting to do them for a few weeks but haven't been able to.

i didn't bother to do a step by step guide for these as i was to busy chatting but they are so easy to make. just whip up a batch of your favourite chocolate cupcakes, core them, fill with nutella and stuff with a ferrero rocher!

i believe ruth said "Crumbs in my lap, chocolate smeared on my boobs...these are the signs of a good cake!"

all in all a brilliant day! we laughed a lot and i look forward to doing it again soon!

happy baking all!