hitting the mother load...

last week my dad went to the football and came home rather tipsy, mum was fuming because he promised he would not be late home (he was getting the train home and made out he would be home by 7) however he didn't arrive home until almost 11pm.

he came in saying that his friend who lives in france was home and was staying on the boat that he owns in bristol. this friend of his was having a clear out and was looking to get rid of some of his old SLR camera's... he was apparently just going to give them to a charity shop.

dad mentioned to him that i had started to use my DSLR a but more recently and talked about my friend emma using her SLR when we went for my birthday meal.

his friend said that i could have his camera's if i wanted and dad said that he would ask me.

i said to dad to see how much he wanted and depending on the make i would possibly pay up to £50 for them as i was quite interested.

the next time dad spoke to him told him this and he said that i could have them for free as he had offered them to someone else and they had forgotten to take them..

so today dad came home from the football with a bag in each hand. one was quite a modern looking bag and the other looked like something out of the war..

i was more intrigued by the first bag and opened it up. inside there was a strong smell of leather and a black RICOH slr camera. picking the camera up out of this old yet glorious bag revealed a hidden bottom...which contained even more goodies...

inside the bottom of the bag i found a second lens, 2 point of shoot film cameras, a little 110 camera (the little one at the bottom of the picture above with the big red button) and a tripod.

i was overwhelmed with excitement the second i opened the bag but this was an amazing gift.

after 10 minutes of playing with all the little bits and bobs i decided to have a little look at the second bag..

this just confirms that you should never judge a book by its cover, just because it looked new doesn't mean it contains anything less that awesome. inside this bag i found a Yashica SLR along with 3 lenses and 2 flash guns.

i am SO fricking excited i cannot even start to tell you how much i want to run around snapping photos.

there is something about looking through the view finder of an old SLR camera, the colours change and everything looks more alive.

thank you so much Alan! you have well and truly made my day!

once i have a little more time i will go over each individual piece in a bit more detail....Hell...i may even take some photos!

Total Saving