St Agnes....

to go or not to go that is the question?! 

part of my UK style bucket list is to visit cornwall and i really want to do something with my week off work next week.

i think i need some time away by myself as well to get things sorted in my head, as i've got a lot to think about at the moment.

my plan for the week so far is to spend a day in bath, a day baking, a day doing nothing (kind of), and then 2-3 days possibly in cornwall.

i have found a little place my dad has stayed at a couple of times called The Driftwood Spars. when he told me about it at first i expected it to be really expensive but they currently have some good deals on.

2 nights in a single room is £90 which i don't think is to bad. i will also save some time and money by hiring a car rather than getting a train.

anyone got any suggestions for things to do in cornwall? something that involves cake would be good...ha..