so its the weekend and my plans have been dampened some what by this chest infection. i have to say i am feeling almost human now but i am still coughing and my nose is still sniffly.

i had hoped on getting out into the garden today in the hope that the fresh air would remove the final cobwebs from my system, but guess what..the heavens have opened!

however i have just received a tweet from Johanna which sounds like a lot of fun...

the aim of this challenge is to get people to waste less food and to get creative in the kitchen. iv always thought about ordering these boxes but they sound so expensive and i have a habbit of buying things and not using them. 

my recently adventures in the world of baking have reignited my passion for cooking so now seems the perfect time to do this.

rather than having one box every week i have decided to go for one a fortnight which will reduce my wastage and keep the excitement there rather than making it a chore. this will also tie in nicely with my herb garden once i get that started.

if you fancy joining the challenge head on over to Johanna's blog and sign up. also get tweeting with #VegBoxChallenge