a quick update...

...as you can probably tell i havent had much time to blog this last week or so. i have been at work since last tuesday and havent really done anything blog worthy.

some sad news though, which some of you may have heard about on the news if you live in somerset/bristol area.

the man who gave kindly gave me his camera collection a few weeks back sadly passed away last week. he was walking back to his boat with his wife and somehow they both ended up in the water at the harbour side. his wife managed to get out of the water but he was found the following day by the police diving team.

such a tragic accident and so very very sad.

i didn't really know Alan that well but dad went to school with him and his brother and i know he is very upset by it all.

its made me realise how quickly life can be taken away from you, but its also made me more determined to get on with my dreams and also get one of the camera's he gave me repaired to capture these amazing adventures.

more to come soon!