cake mountain and a farewell...

after a lovely week off work i decided i had better show my face...
i had enjoyed my time off so much that i actually felt quite sick at the thought of returning but it had to be done. so after pulling myself out of bed and getting myself ready i made the journey in.
it wasn't as bad as i had been expecting and it was nice to see the familiar faces, that and the fact i knew it was only a day before my next day off haha.
when i arrived home i had received a private message from a friend asking me if i could make a cake for her sons first birthday next week. the cake is obviously aimed for the guests of the party rather than the baby.
they asked me to make something they had seen on the choccywoccydoodah website. It's basically a chocolate cake bathed in chocolate topped with marshmallows and even more chocolate.. at first i wasn't sure i could do it...but then i thought heck! i can try!

Deans funeral was today, i went with some other work colleagues and it was a lovely service. there were no hymns but lots of his favourite songs including Barcelona by Freddie Mercury.

RIP Dean