marshmallow mountain and pub fun...

....yesterday was the day i had to face my fear and take on the task of the mammoth marshmallow mountain chocolate cake!

because of the stress levels i didn't actually do the normal guide to making, instead i took a picture of the finished cake and i have to say i was quite pleased with it. it is in no way like the choccywoccydoodah cake but its not bad for a first attempt.

it's a chocolate mud pie cake with chocolate frosting, topped with marshmallows and covered in a white chocolate ganache.

after ruth and i made the delivery (which was probably the worst part as the cake itself would fit in none of my containers!), we decided to go out for dinner at one of the local pubs!

we decided to go to the captains cabin which is right on the sea up by the old pier in weston super mare. 

as we arrived the sun was low in the sky so i decided to snap a few photos before going inside. that little whale like island out at sea is Steep Holm...or Eamon Holm as we renamed it last night.  

we entered the pub and ordered a drink and quickly felt a bit on edge. it was extremely quiet at the bar and it was unusual for that pub, usually its full of merry pub goers.

we went through to the next room as we wanted to order food and we realised that we were actually the only 2 people there!

we ordered our food and sat there wondering if we had missed a health scare of something but when the food came all worries vanished! it was beautiful!

on a slightly different note i would like to introduce to you all my cousins new puppy, Buster! 
hes a little cockapoo and is 9 weeks old! i get to meet him next week and i'm really excited! hopefully his pressy will arrive before hand.

+£300 Work Bonus
Total Saving