Summer is coming... i finally found an iPad app for blogger that allows me to change type faces and add pictures without having a fit and crashing! really happy now so i'm sat on a comfy chair outside in the sun blogging! good times!

i love this time of year, just before it becomes unbearably hot we get a period where we can happily potter around the garden or lie in the sun without sweating enough to fill a paddling pool.


even Ringo decided it was a good time to become a tiger and lounge about! he chose a good spot as well..allows me to show off my herbs! they are still alive!


another reason for loving this weather is that it's a great time to get the sunglasses out. over the years whilst at college and university i wasted a lot of money buying cheap aviators and such like, which lasted a few days and then broke or got mislaid.

when i went to New York in 2011 i spent some money on a pair of Ray ban in Macy's. because they cost quite a bit i am very careful when taking them out..but they are to cool not to show off!


the main reason i love the is because of the typographic print on the inside. they are limited edition #5 frames, when i got them there was a choice of black or white frame. i had a little look online for them the other day and there is a rare purple pair available and you can still find the black pair.

on Thursday i went out for lunch with my mum and auntie, nothing special just a sandwich in a pub. but afterwards we went for a walk along the beach and along the new pier.

a few years ago now Weston's pier sadly burnt down but the council and the owners got to work quickly and had it all rebuilt and it does look nice from the outside but i really don't like the inside of it! the "old" pier was full with old machines and was a really fun place, now it's all very organised and modern..feels very clinical.

all that being said though you really can't find nicer views than at the end of the pier. there was even a jet ski on the water!