a little update..

...so as you may have noticed things have been pretty quiet on The Broke Boy recently.

i can't honestly give a reason why this is, its just been one of those months where the days seem to have merged and nothing is getting done.

i thought i would do a little update of some of the little things i have been doing with my spare time (or lack of it).

recently i have became a bit more adventurous in the kitchen, moving away from purely baking and trying my hand at roast pork. i have to say it was ruddy lovely, the crackling was amazing and the squash, carrot and leeks were cooked to perfection!

i ventured to Bath once again with Fran last thursday and we paid Jamie Oliver's italian a visit. i signed up for a gold membership card on my last visit to london so got £10 off the bill. 2 courses each for the grand sum of £28! lovely food, lovely view, lovely company, shame about the weather!

Ringo has been a very tired boy recently. i think he might have found himself a girlfriend. he is out all night and in bed all day. i found him like this in my parents bed..how cute?!

if you are walking down the road or sat on a train and see someone getting furious with their phone, its probably me! i've become so addicted to minion rush that its my go to thing at lunch time now...over food!

speaking of food, a customer at work came in with a pot of home made blackberry jelly for me the other day. now i know what you are thinking but no, it's doesn't contain any illegal substances that could knock me out...
but my god it makes a nice cake! i spread some between 2 layers of sponge and topped with some whipped double cream. beautiful!

i saw this online today and hovered my mouse over the buy button for quite some time before chickening out. the colour goes completely with my kitchen (i have the orange K mix toaster and kettle) and its a Kitchen aid..what more need be said!?! 

its just a lot of money to put out on a mixer at the moment.

on the Australia front i am still undecided as what to do. the more time i spend thinking about it the more and more i get into baking and cooking. what i really need to do is either book a plane ticket or find some way of getting some experience in a professional patisserie/kitchen.

i have been putting some feelers out with regards to work experience but no where seems to be offering kitchen experience, it all seems to be front of house. if you are reading this and can offer any kind of work experience in a kitchen please, get in touch!

and finally...

i haven't signed off a post with my savings for a little while but its about time i did...its grown a bit...

hopefully normal service will resume soon! i have some exciting recipes i want to try!



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