The Hungry Dog...

...Recently there has been a flurry of activity on Twitter surrounding this lovely little box of joy. John Whaite recently released his new book which is full of great recipes, he also finished his time studying at Le Cordon Bleu (JEALOUS!) and has now moved on to something new...


The Hungry Dog is his new baby. Each chocolate is created by hand by John himself, packaged up and sent off to those lucky enough to succeed in "the hunt".

Each box contains 8 beautiful chocolates with their own delicious flavours. 20 boxes are sold each week, making them a truly special gift....Or a really naughty treat!

The website itself describes the experience best...

"This is a chocolate shop like no other. Every week just 20 boxes of 8 assorted chocolates are made. No more and no less. When the chocolates are ready the shop opens. Once the 20 boxes are gone, the hunt begins again a week later. 
To get a box you have to channel the hungry dog. Be driven by that desire and hunt the best. "

On bank holiday monday after a long day at work, I decided it was time to open the box and cover my face in glorious chocolate.
First out of the box was this little beauty...
I've been waiting for this single chocolate since John originally announced his new venture...The passion fruit frolic!
Biting through the dark belgian chocolate shell to find a passion fruit infused white chocolate ganache...

The noises coming from me were all kinds of wrong! but so so right!

Then onto the Forbidden Fruit..

"A beautiful pink strip on a 53.8% finest Belgian dark, hand moulded shell represents the simplicity and beauty of a Japanese cherry blossom tree. Inside though, lies a black cherry ganache, using that same dark chocolate and a 100% fruit black cherry purée." 

I love the thought behind all of the descriptions. They really make you feel like you are on an adventure...Hunting down the best of the best!

The Hazelnut Elixir... "For those who love a a nutty, caramel indulgence, and of course, gold." Who doesn't love gold!? 

The Black Dog. Dark chocolate, Guinness and blackcurrant..What more do you need to know! My tongue tingled after every flavour hit it. So scrummy!

The STP (Sticky Toffee Pudding).

"A chocolate truffle like no other. Inside this 53.8% finest Belgian dark chocolate, hand dipped truffle lies an intense mixture of Billingtons unrefined dark muscovado sugar, butter, dried dates and 33.6% finest Belgian milk chocolate. 
A chocolate to fulfil the deepest, darkest desires. For those who relish the dark, treacly tones of dark muscovado sugar. "

Its like reading food porn! 50 shades of chocolate!

Merrick the Shepherd. This little chocolate really carries the ethos of The Hungry Dog..The description tells you more..

"Inside this hand dipped 53.8% finest Belgian dark chocolate shell, awaits a water ganache using that same dark chocolate, laced with cinnamon and a delicate hint of Monkey Shoulder whisky. 
This is named after the Shepherd in the ethos and origin story, and the silver stars are to wish his soul well, wherever it may lie; hopefully in a field of sheep beneath a starry sky, accompanied by his trusty dog. 
This is the chocolate for those who aren't afraid of the heat of whisky and cinnamon. "

The Plain Jane was an unexpected treat! No cream is used to make the ganache so the chocolate flavour is pure. I wasn't expecting the core to be so fluid but it was heavenly! I had to take a picture of it before shoving it in my gob.

And last but by no means least...The LMP (Lemon Meringue Pie)

This is one for those who love lemons...The thought of it 2 days on makes my mouth water. The perfect balance of sweet and sour.

I had planned on having one chocolate each day to extend the enjoyment...But that went out of the window on first bite!

I would seriously recommend trying a box if you like chocolate (and if you can get your hands on one). 

This weeks box is a little different...

This week only 10 boxes will be made. Limited edition white and gold boxes will be sent out containing limited edition salted caramels.
They go on sale at 8pm tonight (Wednesday the 7th) and will be signed by the man himself, John Whaite.

Get on over to The Hungry Dog early and keep refreshing the page for your chance to complete the hunt.

Trust me! you won't regret it for a second!

Well Done John! Now hurry up and organise some more blogger days! Chocolate creation please...!