A great day in Bristol...

...So this weekend I made my way to the Bristol Foodies Festival. I got there early in order to get tickets for the chefs I wanted to see. Sadly getting there early didn't seem to work this year because they had virtually no tickets left! I managed to get a ticket for Glenn Cosby but missed out on getting one for 
Larkin Cen. However he came to my rescue on twitter and managed to get me in at the back!

The day started with Glenn Cosby from 2013's Great British Bake Off. I was expecting this to be quite a funny demonstration because he came across on the show as being a very funny chap. I hadn't prepared myself for the hilarity that ensued.
He was fantastic! He had the whole audience laughing and he really made it fun.

He made Ginger Scones with a Grapefruit and Ginger curd, from his book "Extra Helpings".

His tip for a great scone is "the wetter the better" (quickly followed by telling the lady in the back that she was rude for smirking)

I would highly recommend seeing his show "Bake It Big" if possible, he truly is a talented chap! Not many people can bake and crack a joke at the same time!

He signed copies of his book at the end and when I got to the front of the queue he asked if I baked and looked at me as if he recognised me. I introduced myself as the broke boy and he knew who I was! I was very excited by this..made my week!

Next up was Larkin Cen. He kindly tweeted the organisers of the Foodies Festival to try and get me in, And it worked! I managed to stand at the back in the centre of the aisle and get a great view of the demo. Sadly the lighting in the tent was a bit iffy so neither of my camera's managed to get a clear shot of him.

The demo revolved around Larkins soon to open restaurant/Take away, Hokkeí. The asian inspired menu will cost you £12, and you will get a main, side and dessert. I personally cannot wait to travel all the way to Cardiff just to get my hands on the little boxes of joy. 

For his demo he created one of the meals you could have from Hokkeí. Posh duck curry served half and half with chips and rice, along side some spicy squid.

Asian food has always been a favourite of mine. The second he started cooking the amazing smells began to fill the air around me. I was quite literally in food heaven. 

Does't it all look yummy?

Watching him enjoy himself in the kitchen has made me think once again about trying to change my career. I think I would be so much happier stepping into a kitchen and doing something I love.

Larkin gave a great tip for making the squid curl perfectly, I would share but I think it deserves a blog post all of its very own! Check back soon.

Upon returning home my tummy was growling and I suddenly realised that I had been to a foodies festival and not eaten a single bite! I quickly whipped up a batch of Glenn's scones. I got into a bit of a pickle making them because my ruddy kitchen units are awful for making anything remotely sticky, Hence the lack of photos. But never fear, this weekend I am going to remake them just for you guys and post a step by step guide... Who am I kidding...Im doing it for my tummy...All for me!

Time flies when you're...

...staring a new job! It's been two whole months since my last blog post! Where has the time gone!

So let me start with the new...

I started a new job as a Regional trainer, I was to travel my neck of the woods delivering training for new systems that were to be implemented over the coming year. 
A company car was promised and it was all going really well...
Until it stopped!

Basically the system wasn't quite ready for roll out and the job has ended until January. I am still employed but I'm currently unsure as to what I will be doing over the coming months.

Because of the new job i've not had the time to bake and cook as much as I normally do but never fear! I've been on holiday this week and i've spent some time in the kitchen.

Last Sunday was the Wimbledon final and I love any excuse to have a BBQ and crack open the pimms. This year Emma came to play and we decided to go all out food wise. I made some home made Brioche burger buns for the occasion.

I used Will Torrent's brioche recipe but had to make some home made bun rings out of tin foil, Much easier than you would think!

They turned out rather well don't you think? They were beautifully buttery.

I also made some cinnamon rolls to keep myself amused! The picture doesn't do them justice but they were devoured by the family and I dropped some into my old colleagues for their morning break.

I also tried 2 recipes from Sabrina Ghayour's book "Persiana". First was her sour cherry lamb meatballs in a spiced tomato sauce. I really cannot speak highly enough of this recipe! It was bloody lush!
Also tried the Lemon Saffron Chicken which was beautiful, perfect for a warm summers evening.

As it has been so long since i've blogged or had time to go out an enjoy the food of life... (well...food..) I've decided to dedicate this entire weekend to the Bristol Foodies Festival.

You might remember I went last year and had a brilliant time, If not take a look here and see what you missed.

This years event is looking great, the winner of this years master chef (Ping Coombes) is one of the guest chefs and I cannot wait to see what she creates. She's from Bath and it will be great to see some local talent!

There is also the Master Chef street food bus! This is probably where you will find me over the entire course of the weekend!

Other demonstrations include Larkin Cen from MasterChef 2013 and Glenn Cosby from GBBO 2013. 

If you fancy coming along tickets are still on sale online or on the door over the course of the weekend.

Go on...

Eat well!