a quick update...

...as you can probably tell i havent had much time to blog this last week or so. i have been at work since last tuesday and havent really done anything blog worthy.

some sad news though, which some of you may have heard about on the news if you live in somerset/bristol area.

the man who gave kindly gave me his camera collection a few weeks back sadly passed away last week. he was walking back to his boat with his wife and somehow they both ended up in the water at the harbour side. his wife managed to get out of the water but he was found the following day by the police diving team.

such a tragic accident and so very very sad.

i didn't really know Alan that well but dad went to school with him and his brother and i know he is very upset by it all.

its made me realise how quickly life can be taken away from you, but its also made me more determined to get on with my dreams and also get one of the camera's he gave me repaired to capture these amazing adventures.

more to come soon!


time to think...

i've been off work poorly since saturday, full of cold, headache, sore throat...you get the idea.

i can already see the change in my mind set since starting this blog. i used to be quite happy sitting at home all day and doing nothing but now i'm so incredibly bored i'm on the verge of tears!

today i've been sat here thinking of all the things i wish i could do instead of the normal routine.
i know i'm doing my bit to change these things by saving money to do the stuff i want to do, but actually thinking about them is seriously depressing.

so what i've decided is this...

whilst saving for my biggest adventure, i'm going to create a bucket list of things i want to do on the cheap whilst waiting..

so keep checking back as its going to be a work in progress and also i would love some input... is there anything you can think of that i should add? it can literally be anything.

or even what is on your list?

let me know in the comment section below!

london tomorrow

so tomorrow i am off to london with emma for the weekend. its kind of a birthday weekend away. 
we went a few months ago and had a really good time, so we decided to stay an extra day this time and make the most of it.

on friday night we were ment to be going to Circus but i decided it sounded a tad to fancy for me. i mean i dress smartly to my standards but they were saying dress to impress...sadly that is just not me.
so instead after reading +the londoner The Londoners review we are going to Disco Bistro. Im really excited for this, the food sounds amazing and i love the pictures of the drinks! its going to be a great evening!

saturday day time we are going to try and escape the tourist side of london and visit some quieter hidden gems, we hope!
a late lunch will also be had as we are tickets for the theatre....

VIVA! i know i know...but lets face it....i grew up with the spice girls and im not afraid to admit that i still have a massive love for them! this was a birthday present for the parents. ideally i would of liked to have seen the book of mormon but sadly the one weekend they are not doing any performances is the weekend we are going...typical! i missed it when i was in NYC as it was sold out and now here...

either way im really looking forward to having a weekend adventure. there will hopefully be lots and lots of pictures up over the weekend, i need to try and get my head around posting blogs on my ipad..perhaps this weekend will be the time for that!

Forget 2 broke girls, its all about The Broke Boy

this week I turn 25 #facepalm

what have i done so far i hear you ask? depends on your point of view i guess.
I finished school and went to college to study graphic design, finished the course and got a place at university. i then graduated uni with a 2:2 in Graphic design after 4 years.

all the while holding down a part time job which i could transfer between when at home and at uni.

i then came back home and got full time hours with the same company, got a promotion...and have yet to use my degree....i graduated 3 years ago.

i dont know what it was but uni changed my mind on the things i was doing. i expected the life of a graphic designer to be full of fun adventures looking for inspiration (im sure it is for those who actually do it), but the way that uni lecturers go about briefs makes it so incredibly dull. they suppress your creativity and make you churn out the same thing over and over and over again.

i might get back into it one day but for now i need to find something new that excites me.

i saved my money and booked a trip to the big apple with a friend and we had the most amazing time. i promised myself i would do more adventuring but sadly life took over.

this time last year i was admitted into hospital after having quite a serious hypo, iv been diabetic since i was 7 and this was the first time iv ever had to go in. when this happened i realised that life is short and things needed to change.

i needed to stop doing my usual every day routine, getting out of bed and hauling myself to work followed by coming home and face planting the pillow all to wake up and do the same thing again the following day.
it was about time i stop dreaming about things i want to do and actually do them!

however a year on im still pretty much in the same place.

so now that im turning 25 its actually time to do something. to ensure i do the things i dream of im going to blog out it. im going to try and do one thing every day that makes me happy and save for the big dreams and make them a reality.

lets get this show on the road, broke boy style!

Total Saving