London part two

finally got round to typing up part two. have been off work poorly today, full of cold and feel like poo but anyway....onwards with the final part of my visit to london last weekend.

so we got up on saturday morning after the fun of the evening before and emma told me to get ready for the day as we were going somewhere...but she couldn't tell me where as it was a surprise.

now i HATE surprises with a passion as i always feel really on edge and my mind starts thinking over time as to what it could be.

we jumped on the tube and i just put my head down and followed her, feeling a bit sick.

eventually we jumped off the tube and made our way up to street level. turns out the surprise was Madame Tussauds.

the knot in my stomach disappeared and we joined the queue to get tickets.

now normally i go crazy for anything remotely gaga related as im a HUGE fan...but im sorry this looks nothing like her!

beyoncé's was slightly better but its still just weird!

next up we came across the marvel experience which included a 4D experience which was AMAZING! anything related to super heroes or marvel makes me very happy!

the hulk ripped a whole in the floor and climbed his way up to spend some time with his friends.

i literally just stood around with my mouth open at this point, everything looked awesome! check out the shield!!!!! THE SHIELD!!!!

oh stark....i didn't like the first 2 iron man films but you ROCKED in the avengers...and iron man 3 looks purely epic...

when i was younger i used to love the spider man cartoon, the first lot of films were ok but i never really liked the actor who played peter.

saying that though, the new film was amazing! Andrew Garfield really became peter parker!

after we finished mooching around in there we popped over to covent garden and grabbed some lunch in Jamies italian. as we waited at the door to be seated Leslie Jordan walked past a MASSIVE will and grace fan and almost passed out...made the weekend! i had the crab risotto with crushed amaretti was lovely!  

that evening we saw viva forever, i never thought in a million years id enjoy it as much as i did. i mean i grew up with the spice girls so i know all the songs and love them but i was worried about the show making it cheesy. IT WAS AMAZING! the songs were performed in a unique way which gave a whole new element. the story was brilliant and funny. the cast we're lively and interacted with the crowd. 

it was actually so good im taking my mum to see it as a mothers day present (purely because i want to go again).

sunday was a hard day, we had to treck around london with our suitcases. we made do though and payed a visit to camden market. check out them donuts!

i made it my mission to go in to selfridges and buy the cheapest thing i could possibly find. i eventually found a keyring notebook for 99p and snapped up my yellow bag.

then i let my wallet talk and spent more money that i intended to on a bluetooth speaker and some stationary for work.

all in all an awesome weekend! need to visit the city more often!

London part one

so this weekend emma and i went to a city...i believe its called london....
or as we call it....


we travelled up on friday afternoon by train, arriving into paddington at about 10 to 5.

we made our way over to the hotel via tube, i've stayed here before but its recently been taken over by ibis and is now an ibis styles hotel... custom house.

before it was taken over i had stayed there twice, i was happy with it as the location was good for the O2 arena but i probably wouldn't have recommended it to friends after the last stay as the room was tiny and it felt more like a hostel than a hotel.

however as its been taken over, i would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap hotel in london. its roughly 40 minutes from covent garden on the tube and its right oposite the station!

so after getting changed at the hotel and having a little relax we made out way over to st.paul's for our dinner reservation at disco bistro
just as we got off the tube and exited the station the heavens opened and we got soaked.

from the outside it looks like any other pub but once you enter...ohhhhhh you are in for a treat!

at first when we walked in we felt a little bit out of place, it seemed quiet with only a few tables full. we were presented with the menus but of course i already knew what i wanted from reading it online before hand. 

whilst pondering over the menu one of the waitress placed some bread on the table and i must say, it was amazing! Sweet yet satisfying in all the right ways!

we ordered some drinks, i went for the head banger (chase gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and champagne) and emma went for the champagne cocktail. i love the presentation of the head banger, its the main reason i ordered it! good old jam jar!

you may not know this but emma and i are both chicken addicts, if there are wings on the menu we order them.
this time however we were spoilt with choices so naturally we went for both!
sticky and spicy...
is it bad that i think i may have done a little wee when eating these? they were AMAZING!
i preferred the sticky and emma loved the spicy, both crispy yet moist...heaven on a plate!

i then went for the dexter steak with bone marrow. i was a bit unsure when ordering this as i wasn't quite sure what i expect from the bone marrow but im so glad i went for it. the steak was perfectly cooked and cut like a dream. the bone marrow was a great addition and it really made the dish special. i would recommend this if you go, so much steak!

before travelling to london we spoke about places we would like to go and places we would like to go to eat. i mentioned a few places that the londoner recommended and emma said she wasn't really a burger person.... errr....excuse me emma is that a burger you are holding? 

as you can see she went for the disco burger and i dont think she regretted it at all.

as i said, when we first arrived we felt a little out of place. but not long after we sat down the place started to fill up quickly and the music was turned up. i actually fell in love with the place and would love to go back. we described it as a place that students would go for a posh night out but in all honesty if you want good food and a brilliant night out, give it ago!

dont worry there is plenty more to come...

birthday fun times part one

so today is my birthday! its been a really lovely day, in fact i will stretch to its been a really lovely weekend.

birthday celebrations started last night with emma. we decided against going out as we always have far to much fun and end up like death the following day and we both wanted to be awake for my birthday meal. so we opted to stay in and have a curry and wine night. we ordered from jaan via just eat. we both LOVE our food and we ordered far to much as usual but somehow they managed to get our order the good way....

instead of getting onion bhaji's we got a 3rd curry, a duplicate of one of the curries we had ordered. i polished off a bottle and emma managed just over a glass, i think she was trying to be classy but failed! haha.
after finishing a mountain of curry we watched nick and norah which is one of my all time favourite films.

so onto my actual birthday. we traveled over to my favourite pub, the saracens head. its a lovely pub right on the river. i love this pub not only for its location but also for the AMAZING food they serve, i was first introduced to the pub by my dad when he took me there for a steak. nothing has ever been as good as that steak.

after choosing from the menu emma allowed me to open my present. beneath the amazing tube map wrapping paper was a copy of cake days by the humming bird bakery. recently i have taken up baking as a hobby and people have actually been placing orders for birthday cakes. i even (with the help of emma) raised £56 selling cupcakes,cookies and slutty brownies for the local air ambulance.
unwrapping that book put a real smile on my face and it was a really thoughtful gift! thank you emma!

to start we went for the vegetarian antipasti, the baby onions were amazing!


emma, dad and i then went for the roast beef. there are no words to describe how good it was... 

mum decided to go for the lamb and i must say i do with i had gone for it, the fell to pieces on touch and looked amazing on the plate.

more pictures to come but for now, food coma!

+£135 birthday money
Total Saving

early birthday yummies

so today one of my friends gave me an early birthday cake as we wont be working together for over a week as im on holiday as of sunday.

its a chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge icing, two packs of chocolate fingers, two boxes of malteasers, 4 bars of chocolate (melted), dark chocolate decorations with chocolate covered strawberries.

needless to say i love chocolate

only had one slice though, shared with the rest of the gang at work.

i can still smell the chocolate! YUM!