The Londoner's charity bake sale...

rosie over at the londoner is holding a charity bake sale this saturday between 3pm and 6pm @ Bumpkin in south ken.

its a great way to raise money for two very important charities but its also a great way to make friends with other bloggers, get advice and also stuff your faces with cakes and other baked goods.

i had my heart set on baking up a storm and travelling up to london for this but sadly because of the short notice i cannot make it due to work.

all of you bloggers out there that read this blog and live in london, think of poor me working late night saturday and all day sunday and bake something for the event..

go know you want to!

for more info see her blog post

creme egg brownies...

the end of my 47 hour week went with a bang! managed to get out of work a little early but had been persuaded to go out my emma and lauren.
we started the evening at lauren's house and had a few drinks and then ventured into town.

i've got to say weston super mare this easter was a crock get the idea.. the company was great but the atmosphere was lacking. i think the severe tiredness may of played a part in it but never mind.

i woke up today feeling refreshed and ready to do something with my day off.

so as promised here is the recipe for the Creme egg brownies i showed you last week.

you will need :

185g unsalted butter 
185g best dark chocolate 
85g plain flour 
40g cocoa powder 
3 large eggs 
275g golden caster sugar
6 Cadbury’s Crème eggs cut in half

start by preheating the oven to 160 and pop the kettle on.

firstly you need to melt your chocolate. there was 2 ways of doing this, one being the microwave and the other being over a pan of water. i went for the over a pan option.

the first time i made these i used green and blacks dark cooking chocolate but sadly i was unable to get it for the second batch as it was sold out so i went for bloc dark chocolate. sadly the packaging doesn't give a weight so i had to top it up to 185g with part of an easter egg.

next cut the butter up into small chunks and throw in with the chocolate.

place the bowl over the pan of hot water being careful not to let the bottom of the bowl touch the water. stir occasionally to help the butter melt as i found the chocolate melted almost instantly but the butter took a while longer.

once that is all melted and glossy i always think its required to stick your finger in and "check the temperature"...aka the dip and lick. allow that to cool whilst preparing the next bit.

place the sugar into a mixing bowl and add the 3 eggs. i always find it a good idea to spoon the mixture quickly just to stop the sugar from clumping at the bottom of the bowl.

beat the mixture until its all smooshed together, then continue to beat for 5 minutes or so until the mix has roughly doubled in size.

it should look a litte bit like a pancake mixture or a batter of some sort.

next pour the yummy chocolate into the egg mix and gently fold until its all come together and looks like chocolate soup... (dont laugh...i'd take a chunk of bread to that...)

once thats done place a sieve over the mixture and add the flour and cocoa powder...MORE CHOCOLATE!!!!

gently fold that together, once thats done you should have quite a thick chocolate mix.

to keep my brownies nice and even i used a mini victoria sandwich tin (kindly lent to me by Fran). with baked yummies i always find that keeping everything the same size keeps people happy!
rather than greasing the tin the old fashioned way i used a little cake release spray. its such a quick and easy way to get your baked goods out of the tin without having to spend forever greasing the old fashioned way. 

another tip to keep your brownies or cupcakes the save size is to use an ice cream scoop, it also saves having to mess around with 2 spoons!

once thats done pop them in the oven for 15 minutes, dont worry they go back in for a bit longer later on...

now i know that not everyone will be able to get their hands on creme eggs but lucky for me...i stock piled some! 

unwrap a pack of 6, making sure to remove all the foil and more importantly not to eat any...if you are going to do that buy a second or third box!

chop them in half and then wait for the oven to ding...seriously...dont eat them... 

after 15 minutes remove the brownies from the oven and press the creme egg halves gently into the brownie.
then pop them back into the oven for 5-10 minutes.

they come out looking like a bit of a gooey mess but trust me, they dont taste like it...they are SCRUMMY!

had to add this picture...look...its Ringo!

i decided to plate them up in a glass cake stand with a sheet of crumbled up grease proof paper, to give it that nest feel..

one thing i would like to try next time i make these is to add some roughly chopped nuts to the brownie mix just to give it more texture. 

i hope you enjoy this recipe! thank you to fran for sharing it with me via facebook, sadly i do not know the original creator but if i find out who they are i will add a link and thank them for creating these little pieces of heaven!

on a side note i have added a bloglovin' button and also a follow button for twitter! looking forward to hearing from you!

an eggstreme comic relief...

so last week for comic relief i made some baked goods. this time i went for home made brownies...i call them "eggstreme brownies" for they not only had creme egg on them, they were also extremely tasty!

unfortunately as they were a last minute thing i didn't do a step by step guide but i will add it later in the week when i get a chance to make another batch!

These 12 beauties made just under £20 for comic relief.