St Agnes....

to go or not to go that is the question?! 

part of my UK style bucket list is to visit cornwall and i really want to do something with my week off work next week.

i think i need some time away by myself as well to get things sorted in my head, as i've got a lot to think about at the moment.

my plan for the week so far is to spend a day in bath, a day baking, a day doing nothing (kind of), and then 2-3 days possibly in cornwall.

i have found a little place my dad has stayed at a couple of times called The Driftwood Spars. when he told me about it at first i expected it to be really expensive but they currently have some good deals on.

2 nights in a single room is £90 which i don't think is to bad. i will also save some time and money by hiring a car rather than getting a train.

anyone got any suggestions for things to do in cornwall? something that involves cake would be good...ha..

time to think...

i've been off work poorly since saturday, full of cold, headache, sore get the idea.

i can already see the change in my mind set since starting this blog. i used to be quite happy sitting at home all day and doing nothing but now i'm so incredibly bored i'm on the verge of tears!

today i've been sat here thinking of all the things i wish i could do instead of the normal routine.
i know i'm doing my bit to change these things by saving money to do the stuff i want to do, but actually thinking about them is seriously depressing.

so what i've decided is this...

whilst saving for my biggest adventure, i'm going to create a bucket list of things i want to do on the cheap whilst waiting..

so keep checking back as its going to be a work in progress and also i would love some input... is there anything you can think of that i should add? it can literally be anything.

or even what is on your list?

let me know in the comment section below!