...but don't leave without me!

so last weekend was the bristol harbour festival. i had never been before so me and the lovely Emma (aka Boom Boom) decided we would venture up to bristol.

we got on the train with a lunch target in mind!

start the bus is an awesome little dinner tucked away by the bristol hippodrome. we have been talking about going for ages but only just got around to it.

i was extremely excited, mainly because of the chicken that Boom Boom had been going on about for months! 

the menu has lots of different options from burgers to sliders, fried chicken to macaroni cheese. with lots of sides, toppings and extras! check it out here.

 we both went for the hot and kickin' chicken. my god! it was amazing! 3 massive bits of chicken served with fluffy fries and a pot of glorious hot sauce. 
chicken is mine and Boom Booms down fall, if there is chicken on the menu we are going to order it! its a shame really as i would of liked to have tried the burgers and stuff but hey! theres always next time!

the chicken fell off the bone and was juicy and oh so tasty. the little pot of hot sauce was thrown over and it was a awesome!

i love spice but i don't like when it burns the mouth and leaves you gasping for water, i like it when you can taste the heat but the second it leaves your mouth you feel ready for more! this ticked all those boxes.

if you are in the bristol area i would recommend a trip! 

after we sucked the bones dry we headed over to queens square, grabbed a drink and watched the crowds dance around the stage. the heavens opened but if anything it made it even better!

such a wonderful atmosphere and a brilliant day with the bestie.

cannot wait for next year!