Crab and sweetcorn soup..

...its been one of those weeks again. the kind of week where all you want to do it collapse in a heap when you get home.

today is my last day of work before a weeks holiday and i decided it was time to take action and have something warm and comforting as well as tasty and delicious.
luckily Ching He Huang took the effort out of it and posted a yummy recipe which was really quick and really tasty.

you will need:

1 litre of simmering water
2 tomatos
2 fresh corn kernels (or if tired like me, a can)
1 table spoon of vegetable bouillon
250g fresh crab meat (or canned..)
2 table spoons of light soy sauce
a pinch of ground white pepper
2 eggs
toasted sesame oil
1 table spoon of cornflour + 2 table spoons of cold water

firstly bring the water to simmering point, to me this seemed like a really alien way of starting a soup but trust me its awesome!

whilst the water is heating up cut each tomato in to 6 pieces.

once the water is simmering away, add the tomato...

if you have had a long week forget the fresh kernels of corn and go for a can! crack it open and drain the liquid..

add the corn and allow it to simmer away for 3 minutes to allow everything to soften up.

in the mean time prepare the spring onion, chopping them into small rounds. this will be used as a garnish.

after 3 minutes add the vegetable bouillon and give everything a good stir...

again if feeling lazy crack open the cans of crab meat and give them a quick fork, i found that the meat was very compact in the can so it needed to be broken up slightly...

add the crab to the soup and give it a good stir, from this point onwards everything moves quite quickly as the crab is already cooked so its just a case of heating through...

add the white pepper and light soy sauce and stir once again..

to thicken the soup you need to create a cornflour paste, mix one table spoon of cornflour with 2 tablespoons of COLD water.

whilst mixing the soup pour this mixture in, you should notice that the soup thickens almost immediately...

crack the eggs into a jug and whisk until combined...

with a fork stir the soup and gently pour in the egg mixture. you will notice that as the egg hits the soup mixture it begins to cook, forming a web like structure.

finally add the spring onions and a splash of sesame oil, grab a bowl and enjoy!

the soup takes minutes to prepare and it so delicious. once served you could even sprinkle on some toasted sesame seeds if you liked.

i would recommend this to anyone feeling a little under the weather or in need of a food hug.

give it ago, you will love it!

a friday off work....what is this!?

my working week usually consists of me working 5 days and having sunday and thursday off. however this week i worked the thursday...i have to admit...i felt like a zombie that had been brain did not compute..

i was excited for a friday off though as i always work friday and always come home feeling pooped.

last night i planned on spending my day off in bath doing some kitchen utensil shopping, these plans did not happen as i woke up full of cold again! luckily its not a sore throat and i dont feel unwell...its just like someone has turned a tap on up my nose and i cant shut it off!

instead mum asked if i would mind running her to the hair dressers and hang around to take her home again, as i had nothing else planned didn't mind.

her appointment was at 11am so i dropped her off just before hand.

as most of weston town center is now pay and display i decided to drive along the sea front. it was such a glorious day i couldn't help but pull over and take a snap of the lovely view of 
brean down.

after collecting her we decided to take a trip to bristol, cribbs causeway to be precise.
we started off with a spot of lunch at the M+S deli but sadly because i was starving i didn't get any pictures of the food as it didn't last long enough. never fear though, i enjoyed it so much i purchased all of the items to make it again for was that good!

first off we visited john lewis, i wanted to pick up a few items to make a delicious lemon drizzle cake. got myself a citrus reamer and a zester.
after that we visited the apple shop and once again i had to hold myself back from getting a new toy. i already have an imac and an old mac book pro... i really don't need anything new but i would really like a new mac book pro...but i shall not buy one...yet....

i also popped into hotel chocolat and got myself some dark chocolate covered coffee beans and some chocolate orange puddles..i feel a baking session coming on!

after this mum wanted to have a look around the clothing department in usual she told me to go away...i think i cramp her shopping style...that and i moan a lot...

i decided to walk back down to the food hall and got myself a mango passion with double fruit from Boost.

so back to the food...

for lunch i had a prawn and avocado salad which was very nice indeed...but i went one stage further tonight!

i decided to add some crab meat to the mix and my was gooooooood!

the only thing with salad is i always feel hungry again an hour or so later.

so as i type this blog i'm having a little snack of crackers and extra mature tickler cheddar...yummy!

pre birthday lunch

so today i went to the mall for lunch with my mum and auntie. the main reason for going was to do a bit of shopping as i needed to buy a smart outfit for my main birthday meal next friday. the plan was that my close friend emma and i were meant to be going to circus on covent garden as we are going for the weekend. more on that in abit...

so we travelled up the motorway to bristol and decided to start the day with some lunch at the marks and spencers deli.

now i know its not jaw droppingly amazing but hey, the foods good and you get a free glass of cava!

i went for the seafood deli platter. im not a massive fan of fish but prawns are one of my all time favourites. i also want to be more adventurous when it comes to fish as there are so many verities theres bound to be something ill like, no?
not to much food but it was filling! my mouth watered the entire time.

finished the meal with a pot of earl grey, lovely!

shopping didnt quite go to plan. i went into a few shops and saw a few things i liked but im not a smartly dressed person, if i could id live in my pjs or joggers.

im also the kind of person that panics and becomes really quiet in situations where belching isnt appropriate, so iv decided to cancel my reservation at circus and go for something more me...

i smell KFC...