baking for a cure...

the bake sale was a success! took time to create all of the baked goods but was totally worth it.

in the end i decided to go for cherryade cupcakes, earl grey cupcakes and PB+J pinwheel cookies.

i nipped out tuesday morning and got all the ingredients today for a mammoth day of baking.

by the end of tuesday i had 72 cherryade made and ready to be decorated.

wednesday morning i made 2 rolls of pinwheel cookies and popped them in the fridge ready to be baked freshly shortly before the bake sale. i then made 32 earl grey cupcakes and began to ice them all!

thursday morning i was half expecting a mad rush to get everything decorated and finished off but it was actually very chilled. 

cookies baked, cupcakes decorated i made my way to work to begin the sale.

i decided the earl grey cupcakes (top) needed a topper, so i purchased a selection of miniature biscuits for people to select and put on top. the first bake sale go'er went for a jammy dodger earl grey cupcake and a cherryade cupcake (bottom).

the middle cupcake was made by my colleague pauline, vanilla topeed with a pink butterfly.

when i left after 4 hours the bucket was rammed with cash and we had made over £175 selling half of the cupcakes.

i'm not sure what the grand total is yet but i will find out tomorrow and let you all know.

i was so pleased to be part of such an amazing event, its a charity that is very close to my heart.

this one was for you both, Auntie Jean and Auntie Sue.

now its time to put my feet up and have a nice cup of tea!

p.s how appropriate is the t-shirt?! just had to buy it!

"blush" orange cheesecake part two

so as you may have guessed i decided to leave the cheesecake for two days as i find that it tastes much better if you wait! so this is part two, which is actually really easy.
ingredients you will need are 

100ml of orange juice, squeezed from the oranges you used.
2 leaves of gelatine. 

first off roll the oranges around under your hand on a work surface. this helps to release the juices and makes them easier to squeeze. i did this over a sieve just to catch all the unwanted pith/pips.

place the orange juice into a sauce pan and warm it up slightly over a low heat.

whilst the orange juice is warming up gently, place the gelatine leaves into some cold water until soft. the gelatine i used recommended a soak time of 5 minutes.

next up drain the water from the gelatine and keep hold of the leaves. remove the sauce pan from the heat and drop the leaves into the warm liquid. stir it around until the leaves are completely disolved and then allow the mixture to cool slightly. i transfered mine into a pyrex measuring jug as the pan was quite hot.

once that has chilled slightly remove your cheesecake from the fridge and pour the mixture over the top, ensuring you quickly move the liquid across the top as it starts to set almost instantly.

mine had a bit of a fat lip around the edge so it didnt quite look as perfect as i was hoping, but you get the jist from the above picture.
place the cheesecake back into the fridge for one hour to allowed the jelly to completely set.

after the jelly has set remove it from the fridge and carefully tease it away from the edges of the tin with a palette knife.

hopefully you should then have one yummy looking cheesecake!
for a first attempt at a baked cheesecake i dont think i did to badly. next time i would spend a little more time making sure it is flat on the top to avoid the jelly forming a bit of a puddle in the centre.

the only thing left to do now is to invite round your friends or family, make a pot of tea and slice this bad boy open. if its made correctly i can guarantee you will be surrounded by people going UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! 

my auntie came up for a cup of tea with mum and i, we polished off a fair chunk. she even took some home for later.

leave a comment if you try this recipe and let me know how it goes! 

pre birthday lunch

so today i went to the mall for lunch with my mum and auntie. the main reason for going was to do a bit of shopping as i needed to buy a smart outfit for my main birthday meal next friday. the plan was that my close friend emma and i were meant to be going to circus on covent garden as we are going for the weekend. more on that in abit...

so we travelled up the motorway to bristol and decided to start the day with some lunch at the marks and spencers deli.

now i know its not jaw droppingly amazing but hey, the foods good and you get a free glass of cava!

i went for the seafood deli platter. im not a massive fan of fish but prawns are one of my all time favourites. i also want to be more adventurous when it comes to fish as there are so many verities theres bound to be something ill like, no?
not to much food but it was filling! my mouth watered the entire time.

finished the meal with a pot of earl grey, lovely!

shopping didnt quite go to plan. i went into a few shops and saw a few things i liked but im not a smartly dressed person, if i could id live in my pjs or joggers.

im also the kind of person that panics and becomes really quiet in situations where belching isnt appropriate, so iv decided to cancel my reservation at circus and go for something more me...

i smell KFC...